About Us

Container Depot that brings you
Excellent Solution and Thrustworthiness

With THE BEST (The Huge Eagerness to Bring Excellent Solution and Trustworthiness) service, ASKON assures all customers to enjoy their highest level of satisfaction with INNOVATIVE, COMMUNICATIVE, and ACCELERATED SERVICE. ASKON offers full depot and terminal facilities, including container warehousing, container inspections, and container repairs. Founded and established in 2014, our base operation depot is in Semarang, Central Java - Indonesia. Using the latest technology and new media system, we can bring better monitoring and better communication with more efficiency to your side

Our facilities, technology, and people exceed the highest standards within our industry. With the geographic position in Semarang - Central Java, you have found a strategic partner in ASKON Container Depot.


ASKON is constinuously challenging itself to provide better efficiency at running the services. Expect traditional operation breakthroughs and new ingenious ways to simplify things when working with ASKON.


ASKON understand that communication is key to your trust. Therefore we put a tremendous effort and investment in IT to cater to your communication needs.


ASKON is equipped with modern set of facilities that maximize capacity and efficiency especially when it comes to lift on / lift off at the depot.


The vision of ASKON is to be one of the leading depot facilitators within Indonesia, realised by developing multiple locations with the BEST service and performance.


Bringing trust to our customers with maximum accuracy and capacity.

Enabling our customers to have one point of entry within Indonesian coverage.

Supporting customer's business continuity by maintaining a high level of serving activity.

Building a long-term relationship with our customers, with high reliability through full dedication in all activity.

ASKON’s Commitment

Delivering you an integrated - seamless
service that is time and cost effective.
Offering you access to timely, accurate information,
reduce risk and enhance productivity.

ASKON’s Partners