At ASKON we are committed to provide the best services and facilities to our customers.

Through our commitment and strong emphasis on efficiency and quality, ASKON has developed and established industry standards for the container depot industry. Our experienced staff and well-equipped site in Semarang is ready to provide you with a full suite of storage and handling services.

The basis of our service is knowledge and flexibility.
We offer You the best container specialists in Semarang- Central Java. Our team consist of container inspectors, machinery repair-experts, welders with years of experience and very good customer service.

We offer full depot and terminal services:

Container Cleaning Services

At our extensive cleaning facilities in Semarang, we are able to clean up the units simultaneously in compliance with the standards of the industry.

Container Repair Services

We provide effective maintenance & repair that is vital to any owner of container equipment, especially for special equipment and temperature controlled units.

Tracking & Monitoring

We provide you with access to accurate and up-to-date container statistical reports to help you make more timely and informed decisions about your operations.